Jun 10 2004

Words that have crept into use in American English

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barrio (neighborhood), bronco, cabellero (gentleman), dama (lady), casa(ita) (house/little house), coyote, cantina, hacienda (ranch), chicano(a), corral, gorila (gorilla), incomunicado (incommunicado), junta (meeting), contra (against), loco(a) (crazy), machete, machismo (male chauvinism), macho (male, tough), matador (killer, bullfighter), toro (bull), nada (nothing), número uno (number one), padre (father), madre (mother), peso, político (political, politician), pronto (soon), pueblo (town), rodeo, sombrero (hat), vigilante (guard, watchman), laso (lasso), fiesta (party), siesta (nap), salsa picante (hot sauce), piñata (hollow figure filled with sweets which children break open at parties), pina colada (strained pineapple), vino (wine), tequila, chile con carne (chile with meat) and vámonos (let’s go).

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