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Jun 30 2004

Past & Future Tenses

The past and future tenses of verbs in Spanish include the preterit, imperfect, regular future and conditional. These tenses are far too complex to describe within a lesson plan for basic level conversation. For beginning level conversational students it is permissible to simply stress that one is speaking of the future or past while using […]

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Jun 29 2004

Key Verbs and their Conjugations

querer – to want yo quiero – I want tú quieres – you want Ud. quiere – you (form.) want él/ella quiere – he/she/it wants nosotros queremos – we want vosotros quereis – you (fam. pl.) want Uds. quieren – you (form. pl.) want ellos/ellas quieren – they (masc./fem.) want tener – to have yo […]

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Jun 28 2004

Ser vs. Estar

There are two ways to say “is” or “are” in Spanish. The conjugations of ser and estar are used, e.g. es and está. In very general terms ser is used in Spanish to denote personal traits of persons or things or things which are long-standing or permanent. ser – to be yo soy – I […]

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Jun 27 2004

Regular & Irregular

The Infinitive is the unconjugated verb which will be found in the dictionary. In Spanish, the infinitive includes the meaning “to”. Thus hablar means “to speak.” All Spanish infinitives end in ‘ar’, ‘er’, or ‘ir’. When conjugating verbs, remove the infinitive ending and add the appropriate singular or plural ending. hablar –to speak yo hablo […]

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