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Jun 26 2004


Personal Pronouns yo – I tú – you (informal) usted (Ud.) – you (formal) el/ella – he/she nosotros – we vosotros – you all (Informal, used in Spain and Argentina) ustedes (Uds.) – you all (formal) ellos/ellas – they (masc./fem.) Demonstrative Pronouns èste or èsta – this or his one (near the speaker) ese or […]

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Jun 25 2004


Key prepositions include: con – with, por/para – for/intended for, en – in, a – to, and de – of. Conjunctions, include: y – and, o – or. The only two contractions in Spanish are; al (a + el)– “to the” and del (de + el) – “of/from the”

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Jun 24 2004

The Articles

Indefinite article (a or some) – un, uno(a), unos(as). Singular Plural Masculine un una Feminine unos unas Definite article (the) – el, la, los y las. Singular Plural Masculine el la Feminine los las

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Jun 23 2004

Gender, Singular versus Plural

Adjective endings in Spanish must be in agreement with the nouns they modify in both gender (masculine vs. feminine) and number (singular vs. plural), e.g. La casa es blanca. (The house is white.) Las casas son blancas. (The houses are white.) El carro es blanco. (The car is white.) Los carros son blancos. (The cars […]

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