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Jun 04 2004

Getting Familiar with Spanish Culture

Most Americans are not aware that the Spanish-speaking television network, Univision, is the number one rated cable television network in the U.S. Antonio Banderas of Spain is now one of America’s most popular actors. Jennifer López and Selma Hayek, well-known Hispanic actresses, now frequent the covers of People Magazine and the tabloids. Pedro Almodovar is […]

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Jun 03 2004

The Relationship Between English & Spanish

The English language is a hybrid of the Germanic and Romance families of languages. English originated as a Germanic language. Other members of the Germanic family include German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. Unlike the other languages, of this group, English went through a great transformation in 1066 when the French Normans invaded Great Britain […]

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Jun 02 2004

A Little Spanish History & Geography

Spanish is a member of the Latin or Romance family of languages that also includes French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Catalán (Barcelona). After the Roman Empire collapsed and the Roman Legions began to disperse, Latin dialects developed in the vast region from Gaul (modern-day France) to Romania. Spanish was one of these local dialects. It […]

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Jun 01 2004

A Few Facts & Figures

Spanish is the third most-widely spoken language on the planet behind Chinese and English. Over 350 million people worldwide speak Spanish. Castilian (Castellano) is the official term for formal Spanish from Spain. Other major dialects include: Cuban, Puerto Rican and Argentine Spanish. While there are numerous textbooks and phrase books on the market that teach […]

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