Jun 01 2004


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Immersion, the Final Step

Even with all of this study, one cannot escape the absolute need for language and cultural immersion. The more an individual immerses himself/herself in the culture of the targeted language, the quicker they will learn and the deeper and more permanent his/her understanding of the language will be. Here are some final tips for learning Spanish rĂ¡pidamente.

Listening to Latin music, whatever the variety, is critical!

Hispanic television and foreign films are extremely helpful.

Frequent visits with Hispanic Friends over coffee or a couple of beers, is an extremely effective means to further immerse yourself in the language. The best way, of course, is to find a Hispanic girlfriend or boyfriend.

Another means for building cultural awareness is to attend Hispanic festivals, museum exhibits or other events.

Finally, the absolute number one thing that an individual can do to help themselves learn Spanish as quickly and effectively as possible is to take a trip to nearby Mexico or Puerto Rico!

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