Jun 22 2004

Key Words & Phrases

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quiero(e) – I want (you want)

necesito(a) – I need (you need)

Está bien. (¿Está bien?) – Okay (Are you okay?)

sí (si) – yes (if)

no – no

tal vez – maybe

hay – there is, there are

¿Hay? – Is there? Are there?

es – is

y – and

o – or

de – of/from

con (conmigo, contigo) – with (with me, with you)

aquí/allí/allá – here/there/over there

hablo(a) – I speak (you speak)

voy/va – I go/you go

me gusta/le gusta – I like/you like

¿Cómo se dice _____ en español? – How do you say _____ in Spanish?

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